Debt Management

Debt Management is probably the most flexible way of paying your debts and protecting yourself.

Debt Management can be a great way of getting your finances under control and also a way of reducing your debts down to an amount that you can afford each month as well as having enough money left to pay essential bills like rent, mortgage, council tax, food, utilities, travel etc.

Debt Management can also help to stop various forms of Court action whether it is a Warrant of Execution, a Liability Order, a Possession Order, an Eviction, a Disconnection Notice or, even, a Statutory Demand leading to a Bankruptcy Petition.

mortgage & rent arrears and council tax arrears can all be included in your plan to help protect you and your home.

You can’t borrow your way out of debt
More borrowing leads to more interest which leads to having to make even more repayments. Taking on more borrowing therefore is not usually the best way to get out of debt. So, for the majority of people who have debt management plans there is no additional borrowing involved.


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